Forty & Fabulously Expecting!

This is one of the kindest women I have ever met, and I am so thrilled she has asked us to photograph such an amazing time in her life! After debating whether or not she wanted to have a maternity session, Cara thankfully decided to have fun with it… so we scheduled her shoot the weekend of her birthday, making it a celebration of both her journey into motherhood AND her turning 40!

So excited to share the next year through friendship and photographs smile emoticon We could not be happier for you, Cara, and cannot wait to meet Baby Leo!!! 2015CaraMaternity-1019 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1021 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1057 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1072 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1084 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1093 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1124 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1155 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1175 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1207 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1213 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1244 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1253 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1329 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1368 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1406 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1454 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1455 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1462 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1473 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1525 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1551 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1613 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1623 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1725 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1759 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1834 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1842 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1872 copy 2015CaraMaternity-1888 copy